Amilin ® T11



Amilin® T11 is a sterilizable tubelar film with a good oxygen and moisture barrier.

It has extremely low migration, which makes it very suitable for bags used for collection of evidence and e.g. soil samples, as well as for specific sensitive samples.

Lay flat size:50-400 mm – tolerances +/- 1 mm
Wall thickness:30-80µ – tolerances +/- 10%
Temperature:-40 °C – 140 °C
PropertyTypical ValueStandard
Density1.04 g/cm³ISO R1183D
Melting Point183-187 °CASTM D789
Oxygen Transmission250 cm³/40µ/m²/24h (23°C/50%RH)DIN 53122
Water Vapour35 g/40µ/m²/24h (38°C/90%RH)DIN53380 Handling


 Storage:Dark, below 25 °C and 75% RH. Should be used within one year from date of production.


We carry standard size bags of Amilin® 11 (Rilsan bags) in stock.


AMILIN® 11 fulfils the demands for food approvals according to FDA regulation 21 CFR§177.1500 “Nylon resins”, European Guidelines (89/109/EEC – 82/711/EEC) and amendments (93/8/EEC – 97/48/EEC) – 85/572/EEC – 2002/72/EEC, and simulated following the practical circumstances, gives away a quantity of material lower than 10 mg/dm. Also complies with Bundesgesundheitsamt (BGVV) X Polyamide Stand 10.05.95.

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