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Amilin ®

Our Amilin® products are used within the food industry, technical industry as well as in pharmaceutical and medical fields.

A plastic products with excellent barriers
– for many purposes

Our Amilin® products are used within the food industrytechnical industry as well as in pharmaceutical and medical fields. Our Amilin® product line includes:

  • plastic films

  • plastic bags

  • artificial casings

  • plastic sheets

A number of technical industries use our Amilin® products. They are e.g. used as inner linings for various pipes and hoses, which need chemical or barrier protection. New generation batteries and other applications, where high temperature and chemical resistance are required, also benefits from using Amilin®.

In the food sector, Amilin® is suitable for multiple purposes. Typically our product is used for:

  • boiled sausages

  • processed meat

  • processed cheese

  • cooked hams

  • inner liners for canned and moulded ham

The product is especially suitable for slicing lines, preventing jelly or weight loss and when fast and tight filling with high accuracy is needed.

In the pharmaceutical and medico industry Amilin® is often used for beam and autoclave sterilization and as sterile packaging of medical devices.

Plastic with great oxygen, moisture and chemical barrier

Our different Amilin® types are all based on various polyamide grades. Polyamide is also known as nylon, and the different types of Amilin® all have high strength, durability and good chemical resistance. Our Amilin® products have excellent barrier properties especially against oxygen, and they withstand high temperatures above 200˚C, and they are suitable for various sterilizing methods. Our Amilin® products are especially known for their high accuracy.

Plastic film with low migration

Important is also our special Amilin® types with ultra low migration, which are used for fire debris, police evidence, lab testing bags and packaging of sensitive products.

Converting of plastic products

Tub-ex has a number of converting facilities, which meet the requirements for many industries. Such as:

  • presoaking

  • printing

  • bag making

  • shirring

  • clipping

  • perforation

  • ringing etc.

Amilin® products

Amilin® 6

Used for various cooked sliced products, inner liners for canned and moulded ham and sheets in order to prevent jelly and weight loss during the cooking process.

Amilin® H6

Used as packaging material in the medical industry.Used for dry heat, as well as beam and autoclave sterilization.

Amilin® T6

Description coming soon …

Amilin® 11

Description coming soon …

Amilin® M11

Description coming soon …

Amilin® T11

A sterilizable tubelar film with a good oxygen and moisture barrier. It has extremely low migration, which makes it very suitable for bags used for collection of evidence and e.g. soil samples, as well as for specific sensitive samples.

Amilin® 12

For boiled sausages, processed meat and cheese, cooked hams. The product is especially suitable for slicing lines. When fast and tight filling with high accuracy is needed.

Amilin® 40

Used for food packaging when low or no meat cling is needed. Used for strong smelling products. Protection bags for big pieces of meat. Cook in bags especially for cooking in brine. Bags for catering, sauces etc.

Amilin® M40

Used for applications where high chemical resistance is needed. Strong flexible film. High sealing strength

Amilin® T40

Used for applications where high chemical resistance is needed. Also suitable for strong smelling products. Strong flexible film. High sealing