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A casing for sausages, medical devices, long items and many other applications

As a global packaging supplier Tub-ex produces plastic packaging the food industry, pharmaceutical and medical industries as well as technical fields with various Polylin® types for applications such as:

  • sausages, minced beef, meat slices and fish
  • ice-cream
  • bakery products
  • dynamite
  • medical devices
  • curtain rods
  • fishing rods
  • pet food
  • protection of furniture, painting, long and fragile objects etc.


Plastic packaging with complete water barrier

Our Polylin® types are all based on polyolefins like LDPE, HDPE and PP.

Tub-ex’ Polylins® are characterized by extreme low width tolerances even in very narrow tubular film. This product ensures exact fitting to the end product, ideal for packaging where exact size is important. The Polylins® are completely closed against water, easy to handle and can be used for a wide range of applications. It is also known for its high sealing strength.


Converting of plastic film

Our large number of converting facilities ensures that we can fit our Polylins to a large number of products. Our converting possibilities include:

  • presoaking
  • printing
  • bag making
  • shirring
  • clipping
  • perforation

Polylin® types


Suitable for various foods, such as minced mutton or beef, meat slices and fish and as sausage casings.

Also suitable for bakery products, as well as ice cream

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Suitable for various packaging of especially long items like curtain-rails, fishing-rods etc.
Also very suitable as protection of table- and chair-legs under transport or painting.
As well as for packaging where exact size is important.

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