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Eyeopening event at Agro Food Park in Aarhus


In mid September, Tub-ex, Pro-ex og Rævhede Naturprodukter invited meat producers, chefs and other interested people from our network to a big eye opening event at Agro Food Park in Aarhus.

During the last year, our three companies have been working intensely on a new maturing technique under a project called OMHU.

OMHU is a visionary food project supported by EU funds under Future Food Innovation and also supported by the knowledge and experience from Professor Jorge Ruiz Garrachal from Copenhagen Universitity and Dieter Gravesen from ISI Food Projection.

The focus of project OMHU is a technique is called Tublin QCP (Quality Curing Process) which refers to the maturing of meat in Tublin bags.

More than 60 Danish stakeholders attended the event, and we were pleased to discover that the feedback on this project was extremely positive. We expect to be able to present a full university report by the end of the year including proof of concept.

Photos from the event



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New video about Tublin QCP technology for dry-cured hams.

This video explains the Tublin QCP technology for dry-cured hams in the OMHU project.

The OMHU project is a project by Tub-ex and Rævhede Naturprodukter,  funded by the EU Future Food Innovation.


Click on photo to watch the video

Tub-ex participates at the Danish food fair BITE

This September, Tub-ex joint forces with Rævhede Naturprodukter and participated in the Copenhagen food fair BITE at the Bella Centre.

The theme of the fair was innovative solutions for the food industry. In this forum, we proudly presented our new maturing technique for hams, developed within the OMHU project, funded by the EU Future Food Innovation.



“We have never before made an exhibition together at a fair, but when Agro Food Park contacted us and suggested that we participate, we quickly decided to do it,” says Jens Boelskifte, CEO at Tub-ex.

“During the two day fair, there was a lot of activity at our stand. Many business cards have been exchanged with new potential clients who see great opportunities in our Tublin QPC (Quality Curing Proces) Technology for drying of various products.”




Photos: BITE, BC Hospitality Group A/S

Tub-ex gets highest grade at BRC audit

Once again, we proudly received our BRC certificate showing exellent results. This month, Tub-ex was given the highest grade: AA.

BRC Global Standards’ guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

See the BRC Certificate for Tub-ex Aps, 2018

Announcement: Strategic partnership launched

Kalle and Tub-Ex have decided to join forces. Pro-Ex, a NEW Tub-Ex established sales company, has taken over Kalle’s subsidiary – Kalle Nordic Aps in Aalborg, thereby ensuring an even stronger platform for Kalle – Tub-ex – Pro-Ex and their customers in the Nordic countries. Utilizing the +30 years of casing & converting experience, Tub-Ex has earned and proven from its place in North Jylland – Taars in Denmark combined with the former Kalle Nordic Team’s 20 years of Nordic market experience in Aalborg. This brings many synergies for both companies, allowing them to offer a broad & well-known product portfolio, overlapping technologies, and years of market and application experiences, as well as the newest Tub-Ex technology Tublin® Dry-Curing bags. This will be most beneficial for business partners and customers in bringing value to their services & products.


Pro-Ex becomes the exclusive distributor for Kalle Group products in the Nordic markets (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Finland & Faroe Islands) by acquiring the Kalle Nordic activities in Aalborg Denmark as of December 1st 2017.Kalle Group World Wide will likewise distribute and sell Tub-Ex polymer Dry-Curing bag technology Tublin® through its worldwide business network, developing an even larger product portfolio to be offered to its customers. The Tublin® bag-technology – preliminary used for Dry-curing of meat products, is a new application/technology for the Kalle Group. The Tublin® product & technology won a food and beverage price in Chicago NRA Show back in 2011.


Pierre Ferracci, Global Director – Sales and Marketing of the Kalle Group:
“We are delighted to announce the accomplishment of this partnership & alliance. Our Customers worldwide will now benefit from an extended product portfolio and technology platform (casings, bags and technology expertise) in one company – KALLE. We are looking forward to offering the added value this gives to our customers.”


Jens Boelskifte, CEO of Tub-Ex:
“The Partnership & alliance with the Kalle Group provides both companies a real opportunity to utilize synergies and technologies, whilst best serving our customers with state of the art products and know-how, allowing this alliance to be customers’ preferred Partner in Process. Our aim is to be both Local, Regional and Global and still remain customer driven – tailor-making specialists.”

The Tub-Ex acquisition of the Kalle Nordic activities, will still be managed by Claus Jensen & Team in the future under the name Pro-ex. Professional-experts in food processing “supplies” that are needed in Food applications and processing under the slogan “Your Partner in Process” allowing the Pro-Ex name also to be translated as Processing-experts for the meat industry.


Claus Jensen, Managing director, Pro-ex:
“I am really looking forward to this new Partnership & alliance which ensures an even stronger Nordic platform for the benefit of business partners/suppliers and customers in the Nordic countries. I can continue using my 20 years of KALLE experience, combined with previous food processing and packaging experience from me and my Team. Pro-ex also will be the driver of transferring the Dry-Curing bag technologies into the Kalle Group companies.
I will be looking forward to educating & servicing my former colleagues in the Kalle group with the Tublin® bag-technology. All in all – a win/ win situations in a market under pressure, with great growth perspectives.”

For further information please contact:

Pierre Ferracci, Kalle Group, mobile +49 16 09 69 92 065
Claus Jensen, Pro-ex, mobile +45 21 75 17 71
Jens Boelskifte, Tub-Ex, mobile +45 20 47 13 56

Jens Boelskifte, CEO, gives an interview to local media at reception held by Rævhede 

At a recent reception held by local company Rævhede Naturprodukter, CEO Jens Boelskifte gave an interview about Tub-ex’ award winning Tublin® to the local media. For a couple of years, Tub-ex and Rævhede Naturprodukter have had partnership in developing new procsses for maturing ham. Together, they have created new processes for making popular meat products, which are now known for their excellent taste.

The revolutionary Tublin bag is used for maturing ham in new innovative ways. Among many qualities, the bag is known for it’s ability to reduce waste and improve taste, and it can be used for many other purposes, including maturing beef, salting and drying fish and maturing cheese.

Read more about our award winning Tublin®

New article about Tub-ex Tublin® in FOOD SUPPLY

This November, Food Supply wrote an article describing new methods for maturing Danish ham, which, unlike its cousins Parma and Serrano, takes place in a Tublin® bag.

Alongside with Rævhede Naturprodukter, Tub-ex is currently working with professors from Copenhagen University and Future Food Innovation while examining the internal processes that takes place within the bag, thus ensuring the quality of the production process as well as to enhance product quality and taste.

Not only does the Tublin bag reduce product waste and save a lot of time and effort during the production process. The bag also makes transportation and distribution a lot easier.

Read the Article in Danish

Tub-ex receives BRC certificate

In April 2017, we proudly received our BRC certificate showing exellent results. Tub-ex was given the second highest grade, which is unusual for new companies seeking approval by BRC.

BRC Global Standards’ guarantee the standardisation of quality, safety and operational criteria and ensure that manufacturers fulfil their legal obligations and provide protection for the end consumer.

Below, CEO Jens Boelskifte presents the certificate to Quality Responsible Thomas Sanderhoff and Production Manager Mona Jørgensen.

See Tub-ex Aps BRC Packaging Certificate 2017



Tub-ex’ Rilsan bags used for testing Amazon forest soil

How do undisturbed forest soils in the Amazon basin react in comparison with post-forest land cover ones?

The Brazilian-German research project EcoRespira-Amazon tries to understand this by determining soil to atmosphere gas fluxes and by intense soil geochemical analyses.

The environment is harsh and demanding, and all equipment is put to the test.

Soil sampling (auger-based) and transport is done with Rilsan bags because of their impressive durability, ultra low migration and highly reliable handling, securing the samples in the best way possible.

Read more about the project here.


Tub-ex visits K 2016 in Düsseldorf

In October, Jens Boelskifte and Peter Schou will be attending K 2016 i Düsseldorf.

Please call or email us, if you wish to set up a meeting.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 09.55.57

Company Portrait in Danish Plastic Association magazine

Recently, Tub-ex joined the Danish Plastic Association aiming to extend our network with other companies in the plastic industry. The Plastic Association marked the new membership by making an article about Tub-ex and our hope to form new alliances with both colleagues and competitors in the industry.

Read the full article (in Danish)

Team Tub-ex thanks our guests

Thank you for the overwhelming participation at our reception on April 14. Team Tub-ex had just the day we dreamt about. We had the opportunity to show our friends, clients and business partners what we do at Tub-ex.

Thanks to all our guests for coming and for thinking of us next time you see a business opportunity which could be relevant for us. We are most grateful.

     See Tub-ex in action!

It is with great pleasure we invite all of our friends, clients and business partners to visit us on April 14 2016. We would like to mark the official changes at Tub-ex and to show to our great network just what it is we do at Tub-ex.

At the day, we will officially celebrate the recent generational change at Tub-ex: Peter Schou’s gradual step down as Technical Director, Linda and Peter Schou resignation to the Board, and Jens Boelskifte’s taking over as CEO.

Kim Schulz from the Danish National Grill Team and www.meatlover.dk will be there at the day to grill delicious steaks aged in Tub-ex’ very own dryaging bags. We encourage all of our guest to enjoy the nice food and to ask us about our production while the machines are running.

Time: 13 – 16 pm Place: Industrivej 10, 9830 Tårs

For the sake of planning, please let us know in advance if you will be visiting us at the day. Please write to Lotte Nielsen at lotte@tub-ex.com. We look forward to seeing you.


Tub-ex visits FOOD EXPO 2016 in Denmark and IFFA 2016 in Frankfurt

In March, Jens Boelskifte will be attending FOOD EXPO Herning.

In May, Jens Boelskifte and Peter Schou will also be attending IFFA in Frankfurt.

Please call or email us, if you wish to set up a meeting.

Tub-ex receives Elite Smiley

Recently, the Danish Veterinary and Food Administration performed their yearly Inspection Report. This time, Tub-ex received an Elite Smiley for having no remarks on inspection reports during the last 4 years.

”At Tub-ex it has always been a high priority to have all our affairs in order. Especially when it comes to securing product quality. We are very proud that Danish authorities acknowledges us on this, because it is at the core of our company culture to handle things with the utmost care and a great sense of responsibility. That’s what makes us excel.”


Among other things, the Elite Smiley is given for having the highest standards for procedures for securing against contamination and for having all the documentations, analysis certificates and declarations necessary on all relevant products. Read the full Inspection Report

DSC_1345 (1)   Generational change

We are pleased to announce that a generational change now has been implemented at Tub-ex Aps. As of August the 1st 2015 Jens Boelskifte has joined our company as CEO and co-owner. We believe that we with this change will strengthen our position in the market.

Linda Schou has resigned, while Peter Schou continues as technical director. All other employees in our organization will remain in their current positions. Linda and Peter Schou will continue to be the majority shareholders. We will continue to focus our business on producing and developing plastic foils with special properties.

Tårs, August 6th. 2015

Linda Schou          Peter Schou          Jens Boelskifte

To read more about the change, click here for reading an article in the local newspaper.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 10.30.42 AM

New food technology for drying, salting and smoking fish

The university of Valencia, Spain has developed new techniques using the Tublin® 5 for dried, salted and smoked fish.

Two studies have been made for dired and salted cod as well as for salted and smoked salmon. You can read more about it here – or contact Peter Schou or Jens Boelskifte for further information.

To watch a video showing the usages of the product click here.(Produced by Universitat Politècnica de València)

Sources: http://phys.org/news/2014-12-flavourings-vapour-permeable-bags-fish.htmlhttp://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/12/141211124421.htm


                                 CLICK HERE

That’s old news!


Tublin 5 for salted, dried and smoked fish
Public Date: 27/10/14
Universidad Politécnica de Valencia has developed a new production method

for produktion of salted, dried and smoked cod – and also for salted and smoked salmon.

The method gives you a higher yield for the finished product. Please do not hesitate to contact Dorthe Nielsen dorthe@tub-ex.com – if you want to learn more about the study.

The report is so far only available in Spanish.

Rilsan bags in new standard sizes
Public Date: 31/03/14
We have extended our standard program for Rilsan bags, so we are now able to deliver

the bags in the following sizes in as little as 1000 bags per delivery:

200 x 400 x 0,04 mm – without print, or with our standard print in Danish, English or German

250 x 500 x 0,04 mm – without print, or with our standard print in Danish, English or German

300 x 600 x 0,04 mm – without print

450 x 750 x 0,04 mm – without print.

We are now able to offer the Rilsan material as custom made bags from lay flat size 50 mm and up to 600 mm in any length from 200 mm and up to 1500 mm.

We still offer to print your bags with your own logo and field for writing – max. printing width is 300 mm.

FDA audit
Public Date: 27/02/12
Tub-Ex has been audited in order to get FDA approval in accordance with CFR21 – for medical usage.

All our work flow charges in our production as well as in our administration has been audited and approved by the company Medical Device Consultant.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact Peter Schou tel. +45 2166 7155

Tublin® 10 won an product innovation award in the USA!
Public Date: 21/05/11
The Tublin® 10 bag won a Food and Beverage Product Innovations Award at the NRA Show 2011 in Chicago, USA on Saturday May 21st. 2011. The award was given in recognition of progressive food and beverage products that will make a significant impact in the restaurant industry. All recipients was  showcased in the F&B Product Innovations Gallery (booth 7129) at the 2011 National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show at Chicago’s McCormick Place from May 21-24. 2011

The award was presented to Thea Lopatka from UMAI DrybagSteak – and Peter Schou, who is the inventor of the product.

The Tublin® 10 bags are sold in the US under the name “UMAI DrybagSteak” by the company of the same name.

Please click here to see the promotion video.

New product development
Public Date: 10/03/11
Tub-Ex has developed a special kind of breathable film for a company,which has invented a special range of “cushion” like products for the medical sector.

Decumed has invented a whole range of different products, which are used in the medical sector to avoid bedsores. The two inventors behind the company – Lars Bak-Christensen and Jens Ulfeldt approached Peter Schou at Tub-Ex some years back to ask, if some kind of cooperation could be established.

 At Tub-Ex we are always open to new challenges and Peter Schou developed a new film, which could fulfill the requirements by the inventors. The products are designed and sold by Decumed, but Tub-Ex works closely together with Decumed in the development and production of the products.

 On February 25th. 2010 many regional medias learned about the cooperation, and Decumed and Tub-Ex were invited to tell about the products and the cooperation in regional radio and news programmes – and articles were printed in severeal on-line and written medias. Even though all the links are in Danish – you can still get an idea of what the products are like here:

Jens Ulfeldt, Lars Bak-Christensen & Peter Schou explain how the DecuHeel works, and what this project means for Tub-Ex..

Lars Bak-Christensen and Jens Ulfeldt tell about the DecuHeel on the radio show Godmorgen Nordjylland

Transcript of a news feature broadcasted on P4 Nordjylland

Article featured in the regional newspaper “Nordjyske Stiftstidende” on Sunday February 27th. 2011

The Rilsan bags used in the field
Public Date: 15/12/09
We have made a little film, so you can see how the Rilsan bags can be used in the field.
Please click here to learn more or go to our Rilsan page for further information.

Please note that this is not the sole purpose, the bags can be used for. They are also very suitable, if you need to collect other kinds of samples, which has to be taken to the lab for further analysis or investigation.

 For further information please contact Tub-ex by e-mail or call +45 9896 1122.

Tublin® bags for dryaging of meat
Public Date: 27/08/09
American Chef John has tested the Tublin® bags for dry-aging of beef.
The bags are sold in the US under the name “Drybags”. He has written about how he made the test as well as the result of the test on his blog “Food Wishes”.

For furher information about the Tublin® bags for dry-aging of beef, please click here or contact Peter Schou.

Ringing of casings
Public Date: 10/02/09
We can ring your shrinkable casings in calibres from 35 to 85 mm.
(equal to lay flat size 35 to 120 mm).

Tub-Ex has a unique coiling/ringing system. Instead of “ringing” we have chosen to call our process “coiling” as our process is very different from normal ringing process.

Our process gives a higher stability of the coil and a much lower percentage of loss. Using the HT system, you might even gain metres for some casing types.

A loss of material of up to 10 to 20% is the norm in the ringing process depending on the type of casing, but with the HT-coiling system, we have managed to achieve uo to 8% gained meters compared to the usual loss.

Please contact Tub-ex for futher information.

Read more about Tub-ex’ history