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We take pride in making high quality plastic film

TUB-EX ApS is a production company specialising in environmentally friendly tubular film extrusion. At our production facilities in the northern part of Denmark, we produce unique and innovative plastic film and plastic tubing for many different product uses, including plastic bags and packaging for cooking, curing and smoking of meat and fish, sterile films for the medical industry and bags for collecting police evidence and environmental test bags and sample bags. TUB-EX is the only producer in Denmark possessing the know-how in this particular area, and one of only few producers worldwide.



A plastic film manufacturer with great flexibility in expertise

At TUB-EX we are especially known for our high flexibility and friendly and professional customer service. We take great pleasure in assisting strategic partners in developing new tailor made solutions for their specific needs and requirements and to help solve technical challenges in their production process. If you have a problem or an idea of your own, we will be happy to support you with the knowledge and technical expertise we have gained through 30+ years in the business.

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Visionary management

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Meet Tub-ex’ new CEO

As of August 2015, Jens Boelskifte is Tub-ex’ new co-owner and CEO. Jens has a financial background and has spent the last 15 years working as a top leader in the financial sector. Among other great results, he is known for the the stock exchange listing of the bank Hvetbo in 2007. While growing up as the son of a grocer, he always had a burning desire to run his own company. With these strengths, combined with Jens’ visionary mindset and focus on network relations, Tub-ex is now fueled for growth and ready to conquer new markets. 


“I am known for always looking at the positive side, seeing new possibilities in stead of limitations, and for being a great peoples person. Being very client focused during my career has built me an extensive network, and I will continue this course at Tub-ex. Combined with Peter Schou’s unique insight in the plastic industry, I believe we make a great partnership which will bring Tub-ex into a new era.”

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Meet the team

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Meet our production team 

“Our loyal team is Tub-ex’ greatest asset.”


Tub-ex’ production facilities in Taars, Denmark. 

The founders of Tub-ex

Tub-ex was originally founded in 1984 by Linda and Peter Schou at an old dairy in the town of Morild in the northern part of Jutland. It was their vision and hard work that made the company into what is is today.

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“During the first years, we didn’t have many employees. Many times, one of us slept inside the production area in order to keep the machines running so we could keep up with the orders coming in”, says Peter Schou, founder and technical director.

In 2015 the family owned company  made a generational change, and Jens Boelskifte is now the company’s new CEO and co-owner. Linda and Peter Schou will continue to be the majority shareholders, and Peter Schou stays in the company as Technical Director and Linda Schou as a member of the board.

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A plastic production with award winning work environment

Tub-ex was the first company in the north of Jutland to ever receive an award for having an outstanding work environment.The award was presented by the Association of Occupational Health Service in Denmark.

The founders of Tub-ex thought it to be of the utmost importance to create a healthy working environment, and therefore included the local environmental authorities in the process as advisors when building the new factory in 1991. Not only was the new factory purpose-built with particularly healthy installations like a special roof interior preventing high frequent machine noises in the production area, focus was always on securing the employees motivation and general health.

“It has always been important for us to have a good work atmosphere. We didn’t want our employees to feel like it was regular “factory work”, so right from the beginning we trained all employees to be able to handle various different machines. In that way the work becomes more interesting, and the variation prevents physical damages” says Linda Schou, founder and board member.

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